Project Cancelled?!

Game Over screen Phantasy Star RMXP

Don’t worry it’s not game over yet!

No this project is not dead! I got some questions in the mail regarding the long silence over here. Don’t worry Phantasy Star RMXP is still going strong. The long silence on the blog didn’t mean I haven’t been working on the game. Quite the opposite; the last two months I made huge progress on the animation front. Nearly all enemy battlers and weapon animation I want in the game have been capped and animated, and that are quite some caps!

One cool thing about the Phantasy Star games (something the Generations remakes completely missed) is the fact that when you bought a new weapon in a new town you didn’t only get better stats, but also the bonus of a new weapon animation in battle. So for PS RMXP I wanted weapons to have unique battle animations as much as possible. I remember I was hugely disappointed after grinding for while in the Camineet area in Generations to be able to buy a new weapon only to see it had the exact same animation as the one I was already using!

With 8 playable characters and an average of 8 weapons each that’s a lot of weapon animation. In PS RMXP there are I think only two weapons that share the exact same weapon animation. Others might share the same animation, but will have at least a palette swap and a different sound effect.

Phantasy Star RMXP Weapon Animation Sword of Ango

Some familiar weapons will have new animation

Something new
Like in other areas, the weapon animation is almost exclusively taken from Phantasy Star II. For some weapons this meant I had to create some new animation. Claws for instance only have 3 different animations in Phantasy Star II. And while the End of the Millennium animations for them are nice the two styles don’t work well together (in fact only one weapon animation from PS4, a gun, found its way into the game). So for PS RMXP I created 4 new claw animations.

Then there are some weapons featured in the game that weren’t featured in Phantasy Star II at all, like bows. For those all-new animations were created. I must say I’m very pleased with the results. Especially the animation for the Laser and Planar bows turned out quite nice. There are also some more cool new animation for special weapons, but I’d rather not spoil the surprise. You’ll have to play the game to find out.

Phantasy Star RMXP Lune Slicer

A legendary PS III slicer against a PS III enemy…

Can you hear me at all?
As good as the visuals may be, the animation isn’t complete without good sound effects. I’ve seen Phantasy Star fan-games which are actually quite nice visually, but completely ignore the sound department. So I’ve sampled each and every battle sound in Phantasy Star II and some additional sounds from End of The Millennium to get the best
Phantasy Star battle experience as possible. There are 8 weapon families in the game and each will have unique sounds!

That’s it for now. More on other battle animation in a future post!

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