Location: Kogu District

Kogu Desert Burial in Phantasy Star RMXP

Welcome to Kogu Desert

I’ve already spent quite some posts on game design. I thought it would be nice to tell a little something about the world of Phantasy Star RMXP (without spoiling too much). So in addition to posts on the game progress and design I’ll be doing some posts focussing on locations within the world of PS RMXP. Starting off with a rather large location: The Kogu District.

The planet Issoria is divided into districts. The Kogu District is a vast desert wilderness and is located north of the Athalia District. The district is divided in two by the Hondsrug Mountains. Two cities can be found: Leeloo, the district’s capital, and the port city Arden. Nomads can also be encountered in Kogu. Both the Routenim and Ycarg Ybab tribes have camp spots in the district and Nomad sailors can be found at the port market in Arden selling their wares.

Leeloo City in Phantasy Star RMXP

One of the few remaining green places in Kogu: The City of Leeloo.

Extreme district
Kogu was once a subtropical green district. After TETRA introduced Domed Farms in Kogu the soil of the district started to deteriorate. The public blamed TETRA, while TETRA blamed it on Issoria’s changing climate. Scientists were unable to reach consensus on the matter, but under public pressure the company did close its large Domed Farm park in East Kogu. In order to support the district’s food needs a few farms in West Kogu remain operational. The closure of the other farms however didn’t halt the erosion process and in little over a decade the green fields of the district changed into a desert.

This extreme change is reflected in the district’s wildlife behavior which is starting to become a matter of big concern. Packs of wild Koltova’s and Elephants looking for food make traveling by foot very dangerous. While the city of Leeloo increasingly suffers attacks from Sandworms and Locusts. Because of that the Issorian Guard has constructed a small outpost in West Kogu and does repeated ‘hunting sweeps’ to contain the wildlife problem.

So far the city of Arden has been spared from this wildlife problem, but Nomad sailors visiting the town expressed their concerns about the amount of young Leviathans they observed in the waters near the port city. It is however unlikely that the City Board will take action now that Teleport Service has made traveling by boat obsolete.

Enemy encounter in Phantasy Star RMXP

Bring on the Locusts!

Before recorded time
Legend has it that long before the modern era Kogu was the heart of a thriving civilization. Knowledge of this ancient culture has been lost thru’  the ages and the last known place with clues, the ruins of the City of Klotten, was destroyed during the Great War. Some Nomads however insist that in the difficult to reach upper areas of the Hondsrug Mountains traces of this civilization still remain. The districts’s extreme climate and dangerous wildlife sadly have prevented archaeologists to succesfully explore the mountain areas making it impossible to verify these claims.

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