Bring on the battler

PS RMXP Hakenleft make-over

The Hakenleft make-over

As mentioned in a previous post the battler sprites in Phantasy Star RMXP are fully animated. The game features battlers from every title in the game, but the bulk of it comes from Phantasy Star II. All but one enemy group are in RMXP. 

The little details in color
During capping I once again fell in love with those PSII battle sprites. The animation detail of those fairly simple sprites is beautiful. Also all monster groups used unique battle effect animation, which is a nice touch since all the games that followed use basically the same effect animation with little variation. During capping it also became clear that in order to make the battlers from the other games mesh with the battlers from PSII a little tweaking was needed.

PS RMXP Mika uses her SUV

A palette swap to update PSI sprites

Especially the End of the Millennium sprites needed a lot of work, because of the different shading style. Main color palettes in PSII use at least 5 different shades of the same color while End of the Millennium rarely uses more than 4 shades of the same color. So some of the sprites had to be redrawn a bit like the Hakenleft group shown above.

Surprisingly the used Phantasy Star 1 battlers needed little tweaking. Most of them already looked great by using a better color palette. The challenge here was to come up with idle pose animation. The Generation of Doom sprites were also a challenge. Some needed resizing and all of them needed extra animation and color palette adjustment. There are a decent amount of Generation of Doom sprites in the game. I already previewed Banshees in previous post, but you can also expect to see Rappies, Lizzards and Fires.

PS RMXP Neried attacks

PSIII sprite get all-new battle animation

Enemy groups
All enemies are divided in groups and each group can be encountered at very specific types of locations. This opposed to for instance PSII where you could encounter biomonsters in every level early in the game. So in burials you’ll find spirit lifeforms while on the fields you’ll encounter biomonster and synths are the primary enemies guarding facilities.

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