The writing on the wall

Exploring a relic site in S RMXP

Some ancient writings…

Its been a while since my last update. A long silence is usually a bad thing, but I actually made huge progress. I simply didn’t have time to update the blog. The reason is I’ve been writing and programming like a madman. Phantasy Star RMXP will consist of 5 chapter and as of this month the main dialogue for the first four chapters has now been written (with a minor gap in chapter 2).

Originally I wanted to release a demo, but now the finish is in sight I ‘d rather continue and release everything at the end of the year. So what’s the current status? Chapter 1 is completely written and programmed and ready to go. Chapter 2 is almost entirely written and programmed. Chapter 3 is entirely written but the designs of 3 levels are not yet ready. Chapter 4 is almost entirely written (it needs some additional dialogue), but needs some more level designing and programming. Chapter 5 is still a lot of work, nothing has been programmed so far.

So don’t worry, everything is going the right way. I’ll try to make a teaser video soon!

PS RMXP Toilet talk

Sorry Kay’l, you’ll need to wait a little longer…

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