Location: Tyresta Mountains

PS RMXP Tyresta Mountains

Don’t get lost in Tyresta

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been a while since my last update, but like I said in other posts that usually means I’ve been extremely busy working on the game. This time is no different. I made nice progress programming levels for chapter 3.  So in this post a little sneak peek of a location which plays an important part in that chapter: The Tyresta Mountains.

Welcome to Tyresta

PS RMXP Tryesta Map

Early design of the Tyresta Mountains

Tyresta is an extensive mountain range system located in the north of Issoria. The mountains divide the district into three parts. Three cities can be found in the Tyresta district: Vaaraan, Osoa and Pars. Other locations of interest are Italp Temple where the Espers scholars study the ways of the Holy Light, The forest of Chaar where the demonic Fiara live and the Domed Farm in the Albufera area.

A pilgrim path connects the three parts of this district with eachother. In ancient times shrines for the various divines could be found along the route. Espers and other pilgrims would travel from the Ceremony Square in Osoa City all the way up to Italp Temple to pay them their tribute.

PS RMXP Italp Temple

Complete your pilgrimage at Italp Temple

In modern times the pilgrim path is still a compulsory part of Esper training. It is, however,  impossible to complete the northern part of the route. The City Board of Vaaraan ordered to block the passage near the city out of precaution now tension with Nomads is reaching its boiling point.

Luckily most of the route can still be reached form the Albufera area. Sadly many shrines didn’t survive the test of time or were plundered by treasure seekers. A recent example is the shrine of Dagora which was destroyed by Nomad Hunters.

PS RMXP Ingol Shrine

Some shrines still remain…

That’s it for now. More update will follow soon!

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