Thru’ these architect’s eyes

PSRMXP Domed Farm

Inside the domed farm

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while now. Finally found some time to do it. Progress is a lot shower than I would like it to be. Creating something like this turned out to be a lot of work. This is in part due to my neurotic attention to detail. I really want it to be as perfect as possible. But there is good news.


The past three months I’ve been busy testplaying and putting some finishing touches on the scripts for chapter 2. The ‘problem’ with these test runs is that new ideas keep popping up; wouldn’t it be cool if you see some familiar faces in the Clone Lab pods or how about the possibility of a random nightmare while resting and what if… etc? Things just keep growing.

PSRMX Dialogue Draft

Polishing the dialogue

I’ve also spent some time fixing bugs. This is always a challenge since I’m not a scripter. So it’s a little trial and error. But I’ve managed to take out some annoying ones.

Windows 10

Other good news is I found out the game plays perfectly ok on Windows 10. I’ve been developing this on an XP computer and hadn’t had the chance to test it on a new computer. It even works with an Xbox controller. So you can really go all the way in old school gaming 🙂


Anyhow the current status is that chapter 1 and 2 are now ready to go. I was a bit too optimistic in a previous post about finishing this game. Especially with the current pace. The new plan is to finish up at least the first part of chapter 3. Story wise things really kick into higher gear in that chapter. So I want to give you guys a taste of that in the beta.

The first part of chapter 3 is coming together nicely. I just finished a level called The Citadel which plays a key role in that chapter. Enjoy this picture of the main entrance for now.

PSRMXP The Citadel

Welcome to The Citadel

BTW Windows 10 allows me to capture game footage very easily, so expect a test run video very soon!


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3 Responses to Thru’ these architect’s eyes

  1. Dude, I dont want to ask much but..can you help m with some tips? I’m starting at RPG Maker and I’m planning to make one in PSIV style. What RPG are you using? And how to make the battle like PS IV? My only doubts are just how to pass behind big buildings and how to make the battle system

    • moondust81 says:

      Hi Rodrigo, I’m using the ‘old’ RPG Maker XP. Of all the RPG Maker it gives you the most freedom without too much scripting. And when you want to use scrpts, there are great scripts available on the web for that platform. For the battle system I’m using the Atoa-script, but I’ve changed it a bit to my liking. I’m not a scripter myself all alteration were done by a little trail and error. Like I wrote in older posts, it’s not 100% perfect, but it gets close.

      My aim is, when my game is finished, to release a version of my script.

      BTW there’s another Phantasy Star project done in RMXP called “20 years past”. A demo is available. You can learn from their use of the scripts.

      Hope this helps

  2. Is this reply system working?

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