Bring on 2017 + Project update


With just a couple of hours before 2016 comes to a close I wanted to make a little post with some updates. I know this site has been silent for the past half year. That isn’t because there’s nothing to report, but because I wanted to focus all spare time available on the PS RMXP. So what’s the status as of now?

Where are we now?

Alright let’s cut to the chase. Of the 5 planned chapters the first 3 are as of now entirely programmed and playable. The first part of chapter 4 is almost near completion. Considering the time it took me to complete chapter 3 (which I expected to be done last summer) I’m not going to wait until I finish chapter 4 for the beta. Otherwise it’ll be another year or so.

I expect to be working on finishing part 1 of chapter 4 in Q1. Then in Q2 the game will be available for test players and hopefully at the end of Q2 it will be available for everybody as a beta. The remainder of the year I’ll finish chapter 4. And what happens after I’m not sure. Chapter 5 is going to be a lot of work, since it is only outline and not entirely written. So we’ll see.

Hope to see you all in 2017!



Say a little prayer in front of Mother Issoria, maybe then the game will be finished before 2018;-)


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4 Responses to Bring on 2017 + Project update

  1. Max says:

    Hi! Can I download your project?

    • moondust81 says:

      Hi Max, thanks for your interest in the project. I am still working on it. In fact with only ten levels to go I expect it to be finished in the fall! So hang on in there you’ll have this game soon!


  2. Daggbfitness says:

    Looks awesome! When will it be released?

    • moondust81 says:

      Hi Daggbfitness. Sorry for the late reply. I’m still working on it. It’s nearing completion. Sadly I’m not able to spend as much time as I want on it. It will probably take at least another six months I’m afraid.


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