Welcome to Phantasy Star RMXP. PS RMXP is a fan made new chapter to the world of Phantasy Star developed with the RPG Maker XP software. The game started many years ago. The idea was to create a new PS game that has the look and feel of the classic series, but also uses lore from the later PSO and Phantasy Star Universe series and is in no way a direct sequel to any previous game.

On this blog you’ll find the latest updates on the game as well as some insights into this new world. A demo release is planned for the summer. A FAQ about the game will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Feel free to leave a comment or to ask questions.



4 Responses to About

  1. Eurick says:

    You’re just doing something that i wanted to do for a long time. I’m not mutch into digging remakes, but searching for phantasy star pixel art references to show for a friend i discovered your project, and I just wanted to tell that you have my suport… good job till now, please don’t stop it i the middle.

  2. Rudo80 says:

    I stumbled upon this blog, and think it is amazing what your are doing. The Phantasy Star series was my first introduction into the RPG genre when I was a kid and it holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve daydreamed and brainstormed how to do exactly what you are doing, and with 4 kids and 2 jobs I don’t have the time to invest. It’s great to see someone out there has the time and energy to make my daydream a reality. I really hope the project is still a work in progress!

    • moondust81 says:

      Hi Rudo81, thanks for your support! No this project isn’t dead but it’s just taking a lot of time. Even for someone with just the one job 😉 I wanna do this right and with my neurotic attention to detail it just consumes more and more time.. I know I keep saying this, but the good news is a demo release is close. I promise I’ll put an update online before the end of the year!

      Cheers moonDUST!

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